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Super 99 – One Stop Shop for Everything Affordable 🛍

Hello everyone! Hope you all are having a gala time. We are back with another money- saving idea for you guys and this time there is no DIY but shopping.


Yes, we are damn serious! You can also save a lot by shopping at the right store wisely. So today we are here to present before you guys our experience at the super affordable store (according to our opinion) which is  Super 99 (ex- Store 99). Basically, Super 99 is a leading retail shopping brand with more than 40 stores throughout India and they are rapidly and successfully expanding Super 99 across all of India.


In this store you can get local products which are made in India, some branded products as well as products from many countries such as Turkey, Thailand, Vietnam and China. SUPER 99 stores offer you a wide range of products that we use in our day-to-day lives from Kitchen & Dining, Health & Beauty, Toys & Games, Food & Beverage, Stationery, Home Accessories to Gifts & Decor, Bathroom, Ready to Wear and much more… So in short everything affordable under one roof.

Super 99 Stores are well – known  for blending together the best of online as well as the offline world and offering the best and affordable range of products to their customers. The best and most exciting part about Super 99 is that they provide year-round discounts saving you maximum money. Can you believe that this store provides you the best of affordable products that too at discounts and that is the reason which makes the store “Super Affordable“.

So we will be sharing the few items we picked from the store and their quality and price to help you guys know whether this store is worth shopping or not..So continue reading….

It was Valentine’s Eve when we visited the store so a Teddy bear was a must buy for me as I loooooveeeee Teddy bears. Aren’t they soooo cute! Here is a glimpse of me with my cutie.


So this Teddy bear is from Store 99 priced at around Rs. 350-400 as its MRP ( I am sorry I don’t exactly remember) but got this one on discount. I will not be mentioning the discounted price because the offers come and go. And you won’t believe when I say you can get a medium -sized, super soft, fluffy teddy bear with good quality shiny soft furs at such great price from a store and not the roadside market. It was something unbelievable for me too at that moment but hold on we have few more things..

Next, we laid our hands on this amaaaazing makeup brush. Thinking what is  amaaaaazing in a makeup brush then have a look..


The brush comes with a cap as well which makes is super compact and travel friendly. You need to twist the brush to use it just like you do with your lipsticks. This concept is very rare in case of makeup brushes. and the  bristles are super soft with great blending ability. And the best part,it costs for around Rs. 350 as its MRP .

You can use it to blend in your foundation, to bake your face with a compact powder or  use it as a blusher brush or can close it to get some sharp contours. Isn’t it just a multi- tasker and at such great price!!

Next up we bought a VLCC face wash combo pack which was having a BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) offer. So we bought the VLCC Neem Face wash costing Rs. 170 and got the VLCC Anti Tan Skin-lightening Face Wash costing Rs.170 free free free !

vlcc facewahs

Next up we bought a Joy Pure Aloe multi benefit body lotion which was for Rs. 145 as its MRP but the bottle had this cute little yellow sticker stating a special price of Rs. 109 only and hence again we got a discount.


All the products are genuine with original packaging as we have personally tried the VLCC Face Wash and Joy Body Lotion. The store provides you with a variety of products under several categories at super offers sometimes. Simply saying, SUPER 99 Stores provide you many common things which we use in our everyday lives at  a super affordable rate just like the street side shops but definitely with a good quality.

So if you wanna save by shopping or if you are on a budget shopping, then you should definitely pay a visit to the SUPER 99 Store if you haven’t. Click on the link below to find the Super 99 store near you.

And if you also have been stealing the deal form Super 99 Stores just like us then do comment below your favourite deal you grasped at the Super 99 store.
We will be back soon with something exciting! Till then, keep shopping, keep saving and keep finding the Little Secrets of life!! Byee..
P.S. : This is not a sponsored post. Its our personal experience shopping at our local Super 99 store. Hope you can relate to it coz they actually have amazing stuff at amazing prices.

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