Winter Skin Care Routine #2017

IMG_20171218_125104Hey Guys
Welcome Back to Little Secrets.

So today we’ll be writing about our winter skin care routine with you all.

Now having a skin care routine is very essential as it keeps your skin healthy and away from skin irritations and most importantly acne. It keeps the skin nourished, supple and soft.

But what I want to discuss specifically is what care one should take in the winters, when its completely cold and chilly. The skin gets irritated, dry and flaky. You’ll see a part of your skin sometimes peeling off. Its because your skin is not hydrated. And drinking just enough water wont hydrate it completely.

So as to prevent all of this you need a perfect skin care routine

Number 1 – Removing Dust, Dirt, Impurities & Makeup

Removing your makeup, dust, dirt or impurities from your face is very necessary because thats the base level of getting a flawless skin. Wearing makeup for a very long time sometimes tends to block your pores, makes your skin prone to major skin problems and leaves it completely dry. Not removing it properly will leave the pores clogged and generate excessive sebum since there is dirt and dust which inturn will create acne. If not acne it will surely give you a very dry, flaky and rough skin.

We specifically use Lakme Absolute Bi-Phased Makeup Remover. It not only smoothly removes the makeup and impurities but also leaves the skin feeling fresh and hydrated.

So remove your makeup responsibly!

Number 2 – Cleansing your Face

After removing your makeup it is necessary to cleanse your face with a nice mild facewash, that doesn’t corrode your skin much and even cleanses the rest of the dirt and impurities.

Since we have an acne prone skin all year round, we use either The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Face Wash or The Himalaya Neem Face Wash depending on the budget. It helps in removing acne and the after spots of acne ie. blemishes.

Both face wash or cleanser have a nice smell to it and leave the face squeeky clean.

Number 3 – Masking

It is very necessary at times to put on a mask. Its not necessary to follow this step on a daily basis, but atleast once a week is suggested. For people who have dry skin they should mask once in two weeks. Masking helps unclog pores, remove excessive impurities from it leaving a soft and matte skin. We use the Loreal Paris Pure Clay Mask.

The first one is the Loreal Paris Pure Clay Mask Purify and Mattify which has 3 pure clays with eucalyptus which purifies and mattifies without drying the skin. Eaucalyptus has skin cleansing properties, which clears the skin. Eucalyptus is also said to do wonders for acne and blemishes. Second is the Loreal Paris Pure Clay Mask Exfoliate and Refine Pores. This is made up of 3 clays and Red Algae Extracts. This exfoliates the skin with the help of apricot seeds and helps in cleansing the skin deeply. It unevens the skin tone without drying it out.

As both of these masks do not dry out the skin I use them to exfoliate as well as mattify my oily skin once a week.

If you do not want to use something that mattifies even more if you have dry skin you could skip this step completely.

Number 4 – Toning The Face

We like to use toners as it hydrates and maintains the balance of the skin. I personally like rose water toners as it gives a unique glow to your skin and even brightens it. Toners generally cool and refresh the skin.

If your face looks tired and dull cleansing your face and then applying a toner would definately give the face a bounce and a bit of glow. The main thing is that it nourishes and balances the skin. I am these days gushing over rose water toners because I personally love roses, and rose water is supposed to give your skin the inner glow.

Toners are great for both dry to normal as well as oily skin.

Number 5 – Moisturising Your Face

The most important thing after completing all of these processes is using a hydrating cream and massaging it all over your face.

I have been currently loving The Face Shop’s Chia Seed No Shine Intense Hydrating Cream. I had heard a lot of beauty vloggers praising it, so I thought of giving it a try for my skin. I personally liked this product for my skin because, since I have an acne prone skin, this formulation not only replenishes the hydration of the skin but also absorbs the excess sebum at the same time.

It has no parabens, no tar colorants, no animal source ingredients, no paraffin ie wax. , No mineral oil, no talc and a few other things.

This hydrating skin does not make the skin extra oily is and is even better for the dry skin too. Its completely natural. Its just the hydration with the chia seed extracts. So it doesnt clog your pores, doesnt become oily. It does the perfect job that your skin personally needs.

If you do not wish to spend so much on masks, toners or a hydrating cream, all you can do is spend a few bucks on the mask sheets that have been going round everybody’s hands these days. For example, The Face Shop, Dear Packer, Innisfree and a lot other brands itself have a wide range of masks, that do a great job. You could choose what kind you want for your face and use them.
So guys, this was my way of protecting my skin from this cold and frosty winter. I hope you enjoyed getting to know my regime. Do let us know what you liked about this. Like, Comment and Share with your loved ones so that they enjoy a soft and beautiful skin all winter. Stay Happy, Stay Stylish and Find the Little Secrets of Life.

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