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Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel Review – Different Ways To Use It

Hello guys! Hope you all are doing good. We are back with a new review blog and this time its about Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel and the multiple ways in which we can use this product..We know that this was launched in the market some time back and we are late in this review but as we always say we try things ourselves and then give you suggestions, reviews etc. So let’s get started……

  • Patanjali aloe vera gel comes in a transparent soft tube packaging with an orange flip top cap so it is an easy job to squeeze the required amount of the gel easily till its last drop and you don’t have to put efforts in squeezing it out when it is about to get over which is really the best part about its packaging as most of the products which come in tubes are made up of thick or kind of hard material which makes it difficult to squeeze out the product from the tube when the content is about to get over and sadly a good amount of it gets wasted 😦

  • It comes in different sizes so it is easy to carry and hence becomes travel friendly. We recommend you guys to buy a 60ml pack as it is best in all the available sizes considering the price and content.
  • The directions to use the gel is printed on the backsideof the packaging only in Hindi which is something new and unusual as almost all the products usually have directions and details written in English and some have in both the languages. Keeping this aside, directions are simple and straight forward.
  • The directions to use the gel is printed on the backsideof the packaging only in Hindi which is something new and unusual as almost all the products usually have directions and details written in English and some have in both the languages. Keeping this aside, directions are simple and straight forward.

  • As the name suggests, the product comes in a light green gel form.

  • The gel is non-sticky and non- greasy.

  • The gel has a mild odour which smells just like the kids’ fancy erasers. So the odour is nice and mild which stays on your skin for a good time.

  • The gel dries up on gently massaging it for a minute or two leaving your skin plum and soft.

  • It does all what it claims – works best as a night cream, is effective on pimples, helps in skin tightening, moisturises the skin and scalp and gives a good nourishment and conditioning to the hair. But it does not give any instant results. Regular usage of the gel will give you good results but it is not at all an instant solution to pimples, wrinkles and glowing skin. But its regular use will keep your skin healthy and keep pimples and other skin problems away.

  • It is budget friendly. A 60 ml pack retails for Rs.40. Aloe Vera Gels of other brands are comparatively expensive than this one. So a thumbs up for this effective as well as budget friendly product.

  • I (Akriti) have a sensitive skin but this gel doesn’t irritate my skin rather soothes it. So a green signal for this product from my side to all those having a sensitive skin.

  • The gel has got good moisturising property. It creates a perfect balance for people with oily and combination skin neither making their skin oily nor leaving it dry. It makes your skin soft and plum.

  • It works really well when applied on hair and scalp but a good amount of product has to be applied atleast twice a week in this case for the desired resluts. On doing so,
  • ➡️ The dandruff problem due to dry scalp reduces considerably.

  • ➡️ Hair becomes soft and smooth.

  • ➡️ Bad smell, if any, from the hair due to sweat etc. reduces to a great extend.

  • ➡️ Can be used in multiple ways, for example, as a cleanser, makeup remover, light moisturiser, leave-in conditioner, primer etc.

Directions to use :

  1. Squeeze the required amount of gel and gently massage it on your face in a circular motion for about 2-3 minutes or until the gel dries up.

  2. You can wash your face with lukewarm water if you feel like washing it off or can leave it on your skin.

  3. No need to supplement it with any moisturiser.

patanjali 2

Multiple Ways To Use It :

  1. As a moisturisr : Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel has a good moisturising property which acts as a perfect balance of moisture for oily and combination skins.
  2. As a makeup remover : When you don’t have your makeup remover with you, do not panic! Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel will act as your saviour. Just squeeze a generous amount of gel on a cotton pad and start clearing your makeup. Tan-ta-da! Your makeup will come out effortlessly.
  3. As a cleanser : Just squeeze the required amount of gel on a cotton pad and gently wipe your face and neck as you do with the cleansing milk etc. and you are done
  4. As a primer : Are you running short of primer or have you forgot to carry it? Wait, you have Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel with you! Put it all over your face before putting your makeup on, just as you do in case of primer, and you are good to go. But do keep a mark, when you are using the gel as a primer, do not massage it too much as we need it on the face in the gel form to easily glide the makeup.
  5. As a conditioner/ leave-in conditioner : Massage the gel on your scalp and the length of the hair generously and leave it for about 2 hours and the wash it off with a mild shampoo. Doing so for atleast twice a week will help you get conditioned and soft hair and will help you get rid of dandruff caused due to dry scalp.
  6. In facepacks : This gel an be used in different facepacks also.

Pros :

  1. Budget friendly
  2. Travel friendly
  3. Effective
  4. Multiple uses
  5. No reactions

Cons :

  1. Does not give instant results as its packaging claims
  2. Will be effective only when used regulary

Overall, we give this product 8.5/ 10 . We do recommend this product. Its like a must have for every girl because of its multiple uses. So you also try this one and share your results in the comment section below. We will see you soon with another review, till then be stylish, stay healthy and find the little secrets of life.

Love from

Little Secrets Team.

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