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Homemade Gujiyas 🥐

“I miss my mom’s gujiyas man!” I said in frustration to myself!


So lets hear the story behind this!

Why does this always happen to me!! Every year I go back to my home town and my mother being very sweet greets me with those lovely soft and lavish gujiyas! And what I do in return eat those all up, tell my mum to pack some for me for where I live and I gobble those too! And then the horror part of the story? They finish up so fast!! 😭

So I met my friend and she had gujiyas, and I asked her why does her gujiya not get over by then and then she tells me what is the secret behind it… She handed me over her mum’s easy and budget friendly recipe for those lovely gujiyas, and guess what I like these too. I know they will never have the same taste, but mann ko behlane ke liye kaafi hai meri jaan!

So lets not waste any moment any more and watch this video!


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