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Holi Nail Art Design


The only time we really are helpless!

Well to not make it a helpless situation for us at holi, lets paint up our nails.

Our nails are very sensitve and can get brittle and yellow in colour if good care is not taken. To have the perfect nails it is very necessary to protect them. People say not to put so much of nail polish as it makes our nail very dry and our nails cannot breathe. But this time this same nail polish is going to save you from all the trouble. Seems untrue? Well let me tell you that all the harsh chemicals that you will play this holi will turn your nails bad if your don’t put a few layers onto it. Placing a few coats of nail polish will protect your nails from direct contact from the colours and will also make them look attractive. So watch this look to get the ultimate holi nail art design!


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