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Daily Skin Care Regime-For That Perfectly Glowing Skin ๐Ÿ‘ธ๐Ÿป

Someone has rightly said, “The best foundation you can wear is a healthy glowing skin.”

Does your skin feel and look dull?

And you don’t know how to revitalise and bring on the radiance back to your skin?

Then we have got the perfect skin care regime for you!

People tend to forget that it is very essential to keep your skin clear, oil free and dirt free to keep your skin glowing. It is necessary to clean, exfoliate, tone and moisturise.

Akriti will share with you her daily skin care routine to show you all how to make your skin glowing, radiant and full of life as ever.

To start off with,

  • Cleanse your face with a face wash. I use Bajaj No Marks face wash because it keeps my skin dirt free and oil free. I have a combination skin, my T-zones are oily and my cheeks dry. So this face wash leaves my skin oil free and full of moisture. It doesn’t excessively dry my skin and leaves my skin soft, fresh and bouncy. It contains clove, neem and lemon. Clove has and anti-fungal and antiseptic property which clears and prevents the skin from dirt and dust and clears it off. Neem on the other hand has a lot of benefits. It benefits include curing of acne, moisturizing the skin, and toning the skin. Lemon leaves the skin radiant, reduces tan, clarifies, cleanses and exfoliates the skin. So, since you see that it has so many of benefits, I love it personally for my skin type.
  • To tone up my skin I use Dabur Gulabari Premium Gulab Jal to make my skin look fresh and tightened and wrinkle-free and removes the puffiness under my eyes. I use a cotton pad in which I dab a little bit of the Gulab Jal and wipe up my face after cleansing it. Next to soothe my tired eyes I use two cotton pads, dab them with Gulab Jal and place in on my eyes for 15 minutes. This helps to soothe my eyes and remove the puffiness. It is natural and helps in clearing and toning every inch of your skin.


  • Next I use a moisturiser to moisturise my skin to keep it soft and glowing. It is very necessary to keep your skin full of moisture and flawless. After clearing your skin with a face wash it is necessary to fill up your face with the nutrients and benefits of a moisturiser to help you receive a good skin type. I personally use Bath and Body Works – Merry Berry Body Lotion. It leaves my skin completely fresh and it really really smells nice. Leaving it overnight keeps your skin a better radiance.

  • Next to nourish smooth andmake it supple I use Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel. This keeps my skin glowing, pimple free and refreshed.It treats sunburn, inflammation due to sunburn, moisturises, glows and lightens skin tone. Too much richness in just one portion of gel. Use it generously all over the face to absorb it deep into the skin. Use circular motions to spread the gel. The consistency is gooey and a bit can just replenish and refresh your skin in minutes. Use it to get the best benefits.

So this is my routine to get the flawless, radiant and glowing skin. To get the same results test and try what suits you the best to make your skin as glowing as ever.

Little Secrets –

  1. Whenever moisturising or applying any substance on your face, use hand motions from down to up. Never rub your hands from up to down to massage your face. Using downward-upward motion helps to keep the skin from sagging and aging and forming wrinkles. It keeps your skin firm and bouncy.
  2. If you have excessive oily skin avoid using pore blocking and in-oil products. This might just block your pores and create more dirt and blockages in your skin making it more acne prone. Use a water based lotion or a lotion that dries up quickly.
  3. Always take out all the make up as soon as you are done with the party or office shenanigans. This just might help you to reduce dullness and have a acne free skin. Keep your skin happy by following a routine.
  4. Use a facewash that you know will be good for your skin type. Use a oil cleansing face wash to clear the excessive oils to clear the oily skin, for dry skin use a facewash that moisturises the skin and not dries it up more.

Akriti also updated a video telling about the skin care regime.

Check it out here (click the link to see the video)

I hope you liked reading a wee bit of skin care advise. Continue to be with us for more of such interesting articles and follow us on,

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Until Next Time…

Toodles โค๏ธ

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