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One Oil, Million Uses 🍶

Do you have dry and flaky skin?

Does your skin feel itchy which makes you just want to scratch it all day long?

And after all this you still don’t want to use chemical processed moisturisers?

Then we have the best remedy to your problem.


Yes you read that right!!

Coconut Oil is the solution to every little problem of your skin. Out of the abundant uses that a coconut oil has, a few of them are –


  • Soothing your dry skin – Yes, if your skin feels very dry and itchy and you have dry dead cells, exfoliate your skin and pour in some coconut oil over it and massage. It absorbs in your skin fast and is not chemically processed. For best results use herbal coconut oil. (click the highlighted blue lettering to directly find the right coconut oil for you).
  • Deep Conditioning for your hair – Your scalp sometimes too feels itchy and dry and your hair growth is too slow. For this we recommend you to use coconut oil to massage oil over your scalp. It moisturises your scalp, gives roots the required strength and nourishes your hair. Most importantly do not oil your hair much but only scalp, because your hair won’t give your scalp the nourishment but your scalp will.
  • Removal of makeup from your face – It is seen that people who have normal and not excessive oily skin, if they use a normal soft cloth with coconut oil to wipe their makeup off, it gets off your face easily and does not dry out your skin or make it feel more irritated. It easily moisturises the face leaving it soft as ever.
  • Adding shine to your hair ends – Have dry, frizzy hair ends and don’t know what to do with them? And on top of that don’t have the hair serum which you have been wanting for so long? Not to worry, coconut oil is the best solution to it. Take a little bit of coconut oil, rub it in your hands and rub it on your hair ends. This will give you the required shine. But, do not use a lot as it might make your hair look oily. Remember we just need to add some shine!
  • Use it as a part of body scrub – Coconut oil is very good for adding shine to your skin and moisturising it. To make the body scrub, mix 1-2 teaspoons of coconut oil to 2 teaspoons of sugar. If you want some fragrance add a 5-10 drops of any essential oil that you love smelling. Mix the ingredients and use it to exfoliate your skin. Scrub it on your skin for a little while to remove dead skin cells. After doing it for 5-10 mins rinse the mixture with water. Rub the remaining coconut oil on your skin. If not then rinse it with a bit of soap water to remove excess of oil. You’ll notice that your skin smoothens and becomes softer. You can use the same mixture as a lip scrub too.

So, these are a few uses to coconut oil. Hope you try them out and feel the difference. Try to follow this in a routine so that it gives you the best of the results.

Thanks for reading!

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