Eyeliner for Beginners 👁️👁️

Someone has rightly said,

When your eyeliner is on point, your life is on point.

Everybody has problems of achieving that perfect liner look on their faces. Some achieve but many don’t. Its always a problem drawing those perfect out lines and filling them up. To top it up even if for once you start feeling that your eyeliner game is on point, either your brush slips or you sneeze; and thats the end of the game. REPLAY.

It sucks always. Whether it be for a starter or a professional, I think a starter deals with the smallest of issues. Some may not know how to draw without any liner getting into your eye, or may be some may not know how to line up the perfect outline. Some may not know that how to curve the outer corners of the liner, or they wouldn’t know the basics of hot to start for that soft, smooth, focused look.

Well whatever it may be, We’ll be sharing with you a few tips and tricks through a lot of our social media handles.

Facebook : Little Secrets

Instagram : @littlesecrets

Youtube (Click here to see the video related to eyeliner for beginners)

Little Secrets:

  1. Just believe that you can achieve this.
  2. Start with a mirror close enough to your face.
  3. Slowly move your brush of any liner from the mid eye lid.
  4. Extend with very small strokes (they help to keep the shape nice and make less mistakes)
  5. To get a voluminous look always use mascaras on your eye lashes.

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