Nykaa Diwali Sale – Super Deals to Grab


Guys the festive season is on and Shaadi season is just to begin so why not stock up all your makeup and beauty appliances in advance at super discounts coz you need to look perfect and flawless whether it be your club or colony vali Diwali party or your cousin’s wedding functions. To bring a small cute smile on your pretty face we will be sharing some great offers from the online makeup site Nykaa.com which is a win-win deal at great discounts. And yes! This is a blog  based on my personal favourites and not a one sponsored by Nykaa.This one is specifically for the skincare products on sale.


So starting with the basic one which is skincare. We generally spend so much on different types of makeup products but hardly spend our hard earned money on skincare products. Makeup is only a means to enhance your beauty temporarily but for a long go you need to keep your skin healthy so that you look your best even without makeup.Coming to the point, the best deals on Nykaa in the skincare category which you cannot miss are as follows :

  1. The Face Shop Face Masks : Face masks are such skincare heros. They instantly make your skin soft and healthy. So if you are a person who finds all those home-made skincare face packs too messy and time-taking then the face masks will definately become your favourites.

    OFFER : You can currently get any 7 face masks free of your choice on buying any 7 face masks from the brand The Face Shop  from their Real Nature collection or their The Solution collection. You just have to choose any 14 masksheets on the basis of your skin concern, add them to your bag and pay for only 7 masksheets. Yaay!!
    You can buy as many masksheets as you want and pay for half of them.So you can get an instantly glowing and healthy skin in just half the price.

    Click on this link to avail this offer –

  2. DearPacker Masksheets : Another face masks on super discounts are from the brand named DEARPACKER. This brand has come up with very thin masksheets which makes it very convenient to use as it properly adheres to the skin of your face which usually the thick masks fail at.


    OFFER : You can get any of the 7 masksheets worth Rs.100 each at just Rs. 500. This offer is valid only on their Home Remedy and Lab Collection Masksheets.

    Click on this link to avail the offer –

    Confusion 😦 ??

    Now the question arises which facemasks to buy??
    So basically in my opinion I would go for The Face Shop masksheets if I will have to buy theirs solution masksheets and the simple reason behind my choice is that The Face Shop has got a good range of masksheets in their Solution collection for diverse skin problems seperately but the Dearpacker has very limited ones in their lab collection. But if you wanna buy the normal ones than you can go for any brand of your choice. 😉

  3. L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Mask Exfoliate & Refine Pores + White Perfect Day Cream : This super combo of 2 step skin brightening having clay mask and day cream can transform your skin in just 10 mins. So if you wanna give a try to this clay mask then this is the right time to lay your hands on this set as it is on a great discount.


    OFFER : You can get this pack worth Rs. 999 for just Rs. 609. Yayy!! You can save  your Rs. 390. Isn’t it a great deal to grab!

    Click on this link to avail the offer –

  4. L’Oreal Paris White Perfect Day + Night Cream Combo Pack : Another great deal from the brand.

                                            L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Day + Night Cream Combo Pack

    OFFER : You can get a combo of day and night cream of  50ml each worth Rs.1550 in just Rs. 775 i.e. 50% off.

    Click on this link to avail the offer –


  5.  Bomb Cosmetics Angel’s Delight Body Butter : This brand is offering 50% discount on most of its products.

    Bomb Cosmetics Angel's Delight Body Butter Combo (Buy 1 Get 1 Free) Bomb Cosmetics Rose Revolution Body Butter Combo (Buy 1 Get 1 Free) Bomb Cosmetics Strawberries & Cream Body Butter Combo (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)
    OFFER : There is a BOGO offer going on for the body butter and body lotion of this brand where you buy one and get another free.

    Click on this link to avail the offer and choose your favourite variant –

    Body Butter http://www.nykaa.com/bomb-cosmetics-angel-s-delight-body-butter-combo-buy-1-get-1-free.html?root=catg&ptype=product&bannerparam=banner&id=113746&nav_path=skin-care

    Bomb Cosmetics In the Pink Body Lotion Combo (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)

    Body Lotion


    There are many more brands with their products at heavy discount of about 60-75% but since we haven’t ever used those products so we won’t recommend you to invest your hard earned money in something you are not sure of the results.

    There are many more amazing offers on several products. So do let us know your favourite deal on Nykaa in the comment section below. We will love to know your favourite ❤

[Pic credits : Nykaa.com ]

The True Essence of “LOVE”

A story worth reading coz I find it super cute ❤
Story Credit : Divy Diwedi ( I hope the spelling is correct ) ;-p


Hi guys, well it’s been a long time since my last post. This time I thought of writing about something more relevant than my last few topics; however, I couldn’t find anything practical. It is then I met a bumble bee ‘on the verge of death’ which agreed to tell me its story on a condition that I let the bee depict its story. Well I didn’t have much of a choice. Thereby, the following story is the first-hand experience of a bee.


“Hey friends, it’s me the bumble bee. I hope you are all doing well; meanwhile I’m waiting for my death I would like to share the story of my unreciprocated love. I may seem small and powerless but I have some mind boggling powers. I am often referred as a Carpenter Bee (bhavra in Hindi). The reason behind that being that I have a strength to pierce…

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Hello Little Secrets family! Hope you all are super cool in this sweaty summers 😦
It makes me feel wonderful to tell you guys that few weeks back I attended the VLCC Style Statement Session held at VLCC Gandhi Nagar branch, Varanasi and all thanks to the Blogmint team and guess what, today I am here to share my experience, tips, tricks and guidance which I got at the event from the VLCC Experts. The event was organized by their elegant Branch Manager Mrs. Prashansha Mehrotra and her awesome team. Mrs. Sushmita- Category Manager – Beauty, VLCC started the event by introducing the team members and gave a brief about the brand VLCC and the services it provides in her bindass attitude. After this quick intro, the session started where the ground was now open for me and such other bloggers to raise their queries and discuss their problems. The session was fun filled and very very informative where many myths were broken. We got to know many new things which we never knew before, many tips and treatments and causes of several problems we generally face in our day to day life. So without wasting time let’s skip on to the main content which is in a Q n A form.Keep reading till the end guys as we also have some makeup queries resolved by the very talented international + celebrity makeup artist Mr. Suyash. Wooo-hoo!


Question : It is generally believed that styling our hair or using heating tools damage our hair. So what’s the best possible option to style our hair with minimum damage?

Expert Advice : Styling our hair has become like a necessity now-a-days and their is no point running away from it rather try to take good care of your hair when you style your hair. In simple words, use the styling tool with the right styling product like heat protecting sprays etc. but do wash off those chemical products from your hair the next day or so; when you are done with it.

Question: Why is it so that when we take a break from gyming or exercise or drinking green tea we tend to gain more weight?

Expert Advice : When we do gym or exercise, we are actually burning our excess fat. We are increasing our metabolism by activating the lazy cells hence increasing the output. But when we stop doing exercise or gym, maintaining the same diet(input), we tend to gain weight because the output has decreased. Therefore, the fat starts accumulating.

Question : Some people sweat a lot and hence they get smelly hair. There has been a myth that shampooing your hair daily can damage it. So whats the solution for this really annoying summer problem?

Expert Advice : Shampooing your hair is far far better than sitting beside someone with smelly hair :-p But when it comes to taking care of your hair at the same time, you need to opt for mild or sulphate free shampoos to wash your hair on a daily basis accompanied by nourishing conditioner so that your hair does not lose its moisture. Sulphate just makes froth and froth does not clean our hair rather it makes our hair dry.

Question : Is it safe and correct to use the conditioner of the same shampoo and vice-versa??

Expert Advice : Using shampoo and its conditioner for best results is just the strategy followed by brands to promote their products. It is possible that shampoo of one brand suits you but its conditioner is not suitable for your hair as you might need a heavy conditioning or so, hence you can definitely go with conditioner of some other brand that suits your hair.There is no harm in doing so.

Question : I sweat a lot and have a pimple problem due to this. What should I do to get rid of pimples caused due to sweating?

Expert Advice: Since you sweat a lot, you have a lot of open pores on your skin in which dirt and dust gets accumulated which leads to infection thus causing pimples. So you need to indulge in cleansing on a daily basis and exfoliating on an alternate basis or twice a week to remove your dead skin. VLCC also provides clean ups and exfoliation services which can be helpful. Toning will help you close your open pores. Toning generally means a cool compression on your skin so it can be in any form suitable.

Question : Does coloring our hair on a regular basis has anything to do with hair fall?

Expert Advice: Coloring on a regular basis will not do any harm to your hair if you take their proper care like proper conditioning, indulging into hair spas etc. By bleaching our hair, we actually pull off the natural color of our hair which means our hair is weak now so we need to give good heavy conditioning to our hair to help our hair regain the lost nourishment.

Question : I am facing hairfall problem mostly from front side i.e. the forehead area. What can i really do to Stop this??? 😦

Expert Advice : Hairloss from a particular side is basically because of the way you tie your hair. Tying up your hair in a too tight pony can be a cause of such a problem. So avoid doing that.

Question : Which one is better – a normal sunscreen or any bb/cc/foundation having SPF in it??

Expert Advice : Now-a-days, moisturisers/bb/cc creams/foundations etc. come with SPF in it so that you don’t need to apply layers of product even on a normal day and also no one has time to do soo much. But ya the content of SPF in foundations etc. is comparatively lower than in a sunscreen. So the duration for which it protects your skin is only more or less.


Expert Advice : Conditioner should always be applied on the length of our hair as natural oils are secreted on our scalp which do not reach the lengths i.e. from roots to the tips of the hair. So heavy conditioning on the length of the hair is the basic requirement rather than the scalp.

Expert Advice : Cleansing or washing off the excess oil from your face does not mean washing your face several times a day as by doing so you are persuading your skin to secreate more oil rather than removing the excess oil.

Expert Advice : Always check the shade of the foundation swatching it on the jawline rather than on the wrist as the skin tone of wrist is different from that of our face.

Little Secrets (TIPS)

1. Never wash your hair with hot water. Hot water makes the hair dry and frizzy.
2. Always condition your hair whenever you shampoo it.
3. Use a mild shampoo or a sulphate free shampoo to wash your hair on a daily basis accompanying it with conditioning your hair.
4. Use the right styling tools with the right styling products and wash off these chemical products from your hair the next day or so.
5. Using the shampoo and conditioner from different brands makes no harm to the hair. Just go for the product that suits you the best and fulfills your hair requirements.
6. For finding the perfect shade of foundation for your skin tone always swatch it on your jawline rather than on your hand.
7. When you chemically treat your hair, engage yourself in frequent hair spas and serious conditioning.
8. Never ever use face bleach on your hair.
9. Always condition the length of your hair as natural oil is already produced in your scalp.
10. You should always check the shade of your foundation by swatching it on your jawline rather than on wrist in order to know the shade perfect for your skin tone.

While summarising all the above points we come at a conclusion that rather than running away from coloring or styling your hair just because of the fear of damage, take good care of your hair when you chemically treat them. Giving good nourishment, care and indulging in frequent hair spas etc. is the only way to keep your hair healthy and happy. 🙂

You guys can go to your nearest VLCC stores and consult their experts regarding your problems and find the customised solution as they Guide you according to your DNA and body and offer you the best solution after consulting their experts and doctors. Anything you feel bad about your body, VLCC is there to help you with their personalized solutions and not the generalized ones so that you get the best results according to your body/skin/hair type.


So Mr Suyash showed us two gorgeous ladies – one in full bridal makeup and the other one ready for cocktail/reception party. Let’s have a look on their pictures

First of all the gorgeous bride –



Isn’t she beautiful!! So I guess now you guys have got an idea of the latest bridal makeup trend. The brides are now no more given a bold, thick eyeliner and kajal looks; neither are their cheeks make like a red apple any more as now the brides are given soft smokey eyes with a thin stroke of eyeliner and kajal accompanied by a peachy blush and lipstick. The main idea behind this new trend is simply keeping the makeup mild and glitter free in order to complement the heavy outfit and jewellery.
Guys have a close look at her soft smokey eyes


So moving on to the cocktail party/reception look –

So here comes the night when the would be bride needs all that glitter to jazz up her look with glossy lips.


And now comes the handsome groom

So basically the makeup of a groom is really a herculean task as that has to look natural and not made up. oo If you innocent lovelies are shocked to know the yaaa the grooms also go for a makeup – not all but ya that is a personal choice. So the makeup artists applies foundation and concealer on grooms too to even out their skin tone so that the rock the night by their flawless charm.

So here we end up our loooooong never ending kind of blog and relieving you guys to get back to your work :-p
I hope this blog was super informative for you guys..For a super fun mode of this long blog you can check out my video here


Have happy and healthy days ahead!And don’t forget to subscribe so that you get notified about our upcoming blogs. Till Then, stay happy, stay stylish and keep finding the little secrets of life.Byeee :-*

Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel Review – Different Ways To Use It

Hello guys! Hope you all are doing good. We are back with a new review blog and this time its about Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel and the multiple ways in which we can use this product..We know that this was launched in the market some time back and we are late in this review but as we always say we try things ourselves and then give you suggestions, reviews etc. So let’s get started……

  1. Patanjali aloe vera gel comes in a transparent soft tube packaging with an orange flip top cap so it is  an easy job to squeeze the required amount of the gel easily till its last drop and you don’t have to put efforts in squeezing it out when it is about to get over which is really the best part about its packaging as most of the products which come in tubes are made up of thick or kind of hard material which makes it difficult to squeeze out the product from the tube when the content is about to get over and sadly a good amount of it gets wasted 😦
  2. It comes in different sizes so it is easy to carry and hence becomes travel friendly. We recommend you guys to buy a 60ml pack as it is best in all the available sizes considering the price and content.
  3. The directions to use the gel is printed on the backside of the packaging only in Hindi which is something new and unusual as almost all the products usually have directions and details written in English and some have in both the languages. Keeping this aside, directions are simple and straight forward.
  4. As the name suggests, the product comes in a light green gel form.
  5. The gel is non-sticky and non- greasy.
  6. The gel has  a mild odour which smells just like the kids’ fancy erasers. So the odour is nice and mild which stays on your skin for a good time.
  7. The gel dries up on gently massaging it for a minute or two leaving your skin plum and soft.
  8. It does all what it claims – works best as a night cream, is effective on pimples, helps in skin tightening, moisturises the skin and scalp and gives a good nourishment and conditioning to the hair. But it does not give any instant results. Regular usage of the gel will give you good results but it is not at all an instant solution to pimples, wrinkles and glowing skin. But its regular use will keep your skin healthy and keep pimples and other skin problems away.
  9. It is budget friendly. A 60 ml pack retails for Rs.40. Aloe Vera Gels of other  brands are comparatively expensive than this one. So a thumbs up for this effective as well as budget friendly product.
  10. I (Akriti) have a sensitive skin but this gel doesn’t irritate my skin rather soothes it. So a green signal for this product from my side to all those having a sensitive skin.
  11. The gel has got  good moisturising property. It creates a perfect balance for people with oily and combination skin neither making their skin oily nor leaving it dry. It makes  your skin soft and plum.
  12. It works really well when applied on hair and scalp but a good amount of product has to be applied atleast twice a week in this case for the desired resluts. On doing so,                            # The dandruff problem due to dry scalp reduces considerably.                                       # Hair becomes soft and smooth.                                                                                               # Bad smell, if any, from the hair due to sweat etc. reduces to a                                        great extend.
  13. Can be used in multiple ways, for example, as a cleanser, makeup remover, light moisturiser, leave-in conditioner, primer etc.

Directions to use :

  1. Squeeze the required amount of gel and gently massage it on your face in a circular motion for  about 2-3 minutes or until the gel dries up.
  2. You can wash your face with lukewarm water if you feel like washing it off or can leave it on your skin.
  3. No need to supplement it with any moisturiser.

patanjali 2 Continue reading “Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel Review – Different Ways To Use It”

The Body Shop: Tea Tree Range Review

Hey Guys! Welcome back!

So today we’re going to review for you,

The Body Shop: Tea Tree Range

The Body Shop has been the #1 for having the best skin care range for every skin type.

It is known as the queen bee of the world!

Now talking about the Tea Tree Range The Body Shop has a lot of products made from tea tree oils. The oil is extracted from the Foothills of Mount Kenya which is hand-picked and steam distilled to get the oil. That means that whatever they claim is true. Since it is all original it will obviously be worth the try. Since the time we have used it, it feels all natural and leaves a smooth non drying finish to our skin.


For the first product lets talk about, The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Cleansing Facial Wash. Now this facial wash is the mother of all face washes, but for people who have acne, pimples and blemishes. Now, acne is something we all know but blemishes are the dark spots which are left after the acne dries out or bursts or is now no more on that spot. This facial wash helps remove the blemishes as well as help not to out grow any more acne. This is an excellent product because it does not dry out your skin because, we all know that acne is caused due to excessive oils in the skin. So it does not remove extreme oil so that it dries out but only removes the excess and also leaves your skin moisturized. The packaging is a green plastic designed bottle that is not opaque but you can see the cleanser. Its got a very normal and eye friendly label. It doesnt feel as if its too much to see.

Price: Rs. 695/-


Moving on to the second product we have, The Body Shop Tea Tree Night Lotion. Now as you can understand this lotion is meant for night repair of your skin. It is non greasy as it is in a gel creme formulation. It seems water based so it doesnt leave that oily touch to your skin. It gets completely absorbed, all you have to do is just massage it directly onto the areas of  your face where you have excessive acne or blemishes. Its best thing is that you don’t need to be worried about anything in the day because it clears everything in the night. The packaging is very small and is cylindrical in shape. You can keep it in the smallest of bags without feeling it to be pile on!

Price : Rs. 995/-


For the third we have, The Body Shop Tea  Tree Squeaky Clean Scrub. Exfoliating your skin is a must and it is more necessary for those who genrally have oily skin, as  oily skin has more dead skin cells and creates more trouble for the skin. Exfoliation removes impurties. Whats better than to have tea tree oil in everything for your skin care routine which might just keep you away from those ugly acne spots! and dirt from the skin and makes it softer cleaner and better looking. Plus when your exfoliator has got tea tree in it you cannot go wrong! It will surely help you to get your face in shape, which is acne free, blemish free, dust and dirt free!

Price : Rs. 895/-


For the last we have, The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes. Now when you are out in the sun, or you have too much sweat producction and your skin gets oily its best you keep this small bag of wipes handy. Using the tea tree wipes will not only remove the dirt, dust and oilyness but will also heal the areas with it. Bringing in tea tree in every product of your skin care regime will always take you a step closer to getting the flawless skin that you have been wanting for a long time.

Price : Rs. 550/-

The Body Shop : Tea Tree Range Review

Grab all of these to top your skin a few notches up. Who doesn’t love a flawless skin?

To buy these products visit – http://www.thebodyshop.in

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Love you guys


Crazy Nail Art Design ||Copyright Needed|| 😂

So who doesn’t want some craziness once in a few months! Well I do!

So my friend was painting her nails up and I wanted mine to be done too!

So I asked her to do so and this is what I got!

A beautiful crazy and happy nail art design just like me! And Ive fallen in love with it ever since! I don’t know why but I love the vintage look it gives to my nails.

Watch this to get a better idea of what Im talking about!!


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